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Our lavish offices and studio are located overlooking the beautiful Chemung River in Elmira, New York -- the source of many great artists, writers, philosophers, and poets.

Over the past five years (we opened in 2004) we have produced more 50 short length films and continuously submit to national and international film festivals.

From our Director

Sometimes it appears that the universe sends messages that only you understand. I ask the universe if it can hear me, and I ask it to send me a sign, and to come in a way that only I will recognize.

One time it came to me in the form of a rowboat. I had just started a photography project in a foreign location. After 2 days of work, the project still hadn’t clicked for me. I wasn’t seeing the joy and  beauty in what I was doing. On the third day, I was photographing in a cemetery where all the graves were on top the ground about 18” high. And there it was. Lined up among the graves was a rowboat. Everything instantly clicked. I smiled and understood. The boat meant nothing to anyone else, but it was exactly the message that I needed. The photography project finished absolutely perfect.

- Diane Janowski

We also produce local history shorts for New York History Review and Chemung History. Click for more history shorts

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Janowski Films provides audiences with short films by Director Diane Janowski.

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