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Programming Descriptors

TITLE: Feast of Valentines
Director: Diane Janowski
FORMS: Short (Non Fiction/Other)
GENRES: Deconstruction, Independent, Art
TEXT: Contains written dialog in English
MUSIC: "Levee Revels" by William Christopher O'Hare, performed by the George Bailey Orchestra
EXACT RUNTIME: 00 hr : 03 min : 17 sec


OK, so what it is is…

This film started off to be a valentine’s day gift. After I did the film part, I went looking for text to go with it. I wanted to use an ancient poem I wrote about Valentine’s Day, and it worked until I read the words and decided that my feelings about airplanes changed. When I was a kid, I was an airplane nut to the point that my dad had to drive me to the airport every Sunday afternoon to watch planes take off and land. We used to sit in the car on that road to Schweizer’s. I wrote the poem when I was still enamored of airplanes.

So, when I reread the poem it was no longer what I felt. At first, I thought the change had to do with the Sept 11, but it was more the time, the week right after Sept 11 when no airplanes flew - the short period between Sept 11 and when Homeland Security took over.

Denny and I had been scheduled to go to Louisiana for our first week of work, and we had to wait until the planes starting flying again. We were on one of the first flights right after they started up. The airports had few passengers but plenty of military presence. In the waiting areas you watched the military vehicles and police cars circling the airport. The day we came back from Louisiana was the day before Bush’s war on terrorism speech.

So the change in the poem has more to do with the military presence at the airports during those crazy days.

Feast of Valentines

I am afraid
Of airplanes that fly in the night.
And of dogs that howl
To get my attention.

I do not grieve
For Valentines past.
Just let me enjoy you
For centuries to come.

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